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Here, we share news about our upcoming retreats, designed for spiritual renewal and growth. Our programs range from silent retreats to workshops that aim to harmonize body, mind, and spirit, inviting moments of reflection and connection.

Our commitment goes beyond retreats; we actively work within our community, fostering a space of inclusion and support. Through our blog, you’ll find stories of how we’re making a difference locally and beyond.

We’re also dedicated to protecting our environment. Our blog highlights our efforts in conservation and sustainability, showcasing how we care for the land that hosts us.

Stay with us for regular updates and insights into Minsteracres Retreat Centre’s life, where we journey together in spirituality, community engagement, and environmental care.

Who was Saint Patrick?

Explore the life of Saint Patrick from captivity to sainthood his journey transformed Ireland embodying faith resilience and legacy

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Fr Mark Whelehan, CP

Fr Mark Whelehan Passionist priest passed away on Feb 29 2024 after receiving last rites surrounded by his niece 038 community from Minsteracres

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