St. Augustine of Canterbury: Bringing the Gospel to the English

Welcome to Minsteracres Retreat Centre, where history and spirituality intertwine. In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating journey of St. Augustine of Canterbury, sent by Pope Gregory the Great to preach the Gospel to the English. Join us as we explore the significant events surrounding May 27, a date that commemorates the sending forth of St. Augustine and his 30 monks from a site near the Passionist House in Rome, specifically St. Gregorio in Caeli.

The Call of St. Augustine

Born in the late 6th century, St. Augustine was appointed by Pope Gregory the Great to spread Christianity to the Anglo-Saxons of England. This mission marked a pivotal moment in the history of Christianity in the British Isles. With unwavering faith and determination, St. Augustine embarked on a journey that would forever shape the spiritual landscape of England.

The Sending Forth

On May 27, a momentous occasion took place at St. Gregorio in Caeli, next to the Passionist House in Rome. Pope Gregory the Great, recognizing the significance of this mission, sent St. Augustine and his devoted band of 30 monks to bring the Gospel to the English. This act of faith and obedience laid the foundation for the future growth of Christianity in England and serves as a reminder of the enduring power of missionary work.

The Arrival in England

After a long and arduous journey, St. Augustine and his companions arrived in Kent, England, in the year 597. Welcomed by King Ethelbert and Queen Bertha, who had already embraced Christianity, the missionaries set about their important task of preaching the Gospel to the English people. St. Augustine’s charisma, dedication, and gentle approach endeared him to the locals, leading to the conversion of many and the establishment of the first Christian church in Canterbury.

The Legacy of St. Augustine

St. Augustine’s impact on England was profound and enduring. His successful mission laid the groundwork for the conversion of the entire Anglo-Saxon kingdom and the establishment of the Church of England. The Canterbury Cathedral, a symbol of St. Augustine’s legacy, stands proudly as the mother church of the Anglican Communion. His teachings, writings, and unwavering faith continue to inspire countless individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment and guidance.


As we commemorate the sending forth of St. Augustine of Canterbury on May 27, we celebrate the rich history of Christianity in England. The courage, devotion, and missionary spirit of St. Augustine and his companions continue to inspire us today. At Minsteracres Retreat Centre, we honour this legacy by providing a peaceful sanctuary for spiritual growth and reflection. Join us as we connect with the profound spirituality that has shaped the religious landscape of Northumberland and beyond.

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