Minsteracres Retreat Centre

Our Partners

Our Partners

Eco-Community at Minsteracres

“It could be quite mysterious having a group of people working behind high walls, seemingly closed off from the wider community. Knowing a little about the three of us, there may be a temptation to fill in the blanks!
What are we doing here in the walled garden?”

Firstly we are a Christian response to the suffering of the earth. We wish to complement and support the ministry of hospitality and welcome at Minsteracres.

Secondly, we are forming a Christian Community in the mould of the new monastic communities and in so doing attempting to live sustainably. Growing as much food as we can, not eating meat, reducing dairy, moving towards a net zero carbon emissions lifestyle, reducing our waste and recycling and reusing where possible.

Thirdly, we are outward looking, interested in the wider community and the world. We take time to discern how we might respond to the needs of others, creation and the environment.

Finally, we are a place of welcome for all those in need of rest, a listening ear, nourishing food, quiet space, engagement with nature, whilst nevertheless seeking to have a contemplative element to our community.

We are forming a Christian Community in the mould of the new monastic communities.

Our Partners

Let's Get Growing

Let’s Get Growing is a registered charity, but was first established as a not-for profit social enterprise in 2008 and registered as a company limited by guarantee in 2010. There are currently 4 members on the board of trustees who between them bring a wide range of skills and experience in horticulture, education, social care, communications and business management.

Most importantly, we share a belief that bringing people of all ages more in touch with nature is transformative and has myriad benefits, personal, social and environmental.

Project co-ordinators, Ross Menzies and Katrina Padmore are committed to sharing their personal inspiration in plants and nature with others.

We work with both adults and children in gardens and in nature generally to promote a deeper sense of balance and well being – physical, mental and emotional. Alongside teaching practical horticultural skills, we aim to help people develop self-esteem and social confidence in a supportive group environment.

Our Partners

Tynedale Horticultural Service (THS)

Tynedale Horticultural Service has been providing work experience in horticulture for people with learning disabilities since it opened at Ridley Hall in January 1994 until October 2017.

Many plants have been grown and sold to the public over the years. THS used to be based at the Lodge cottage, and worked within the grounds of Ridley Hall.

In October 2017, following the sale of Ridley Hall, THS was moved to the extensive grounds of Minsteracres Retreat Centre, just off the A68.

Here at Minsteracres we have found another safe and relaxing environment where people with disabilities can come and make friends, enjoy themselves and be themselves without discrimination. We aim to maximise each individual’s potential and enhance their quality of life.