Welcome to our 2024 programme

Here you will find brief details of our varied day and residential retreats.  As we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the first Passionists here at Minsteracres, our retreat theme for 2024 is “The Saving and Transforming power of the Cross” in which we will explore what The Passion of Jesus means for each of us as Christians today because it is through the story of the Cross that Jesus touches us and brings us His salvation. 

“The Passion is the greatest and most astounding work of divine love.” (St. Paul of the Cross, founder of The Passionists).  Founded in Italy in 1720 the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ “The Passionists” have a special ministry to promote the Memory of the Passion of Jesus by both word and deed for the Passion of Jesus is truly the greatest story of God’s love for humanity and His creation. We hope that this programme will be able to offer ways in which we can all connect with the consoling power of the Passion of Jesus as we journey together in exploration of what St Paul of the Cross describes as both a sea of sorrows and an ocean of love.

You can find more details here (hyperlink to retreats page) and book online, by email (hyperlink to info@minsteracres.org ) or call us on 01434 673248.

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