Tynedale Horticultural Service

Tynedale Horticultural Service has worked throughout the pandemic in a myriad of ways. They have continued to maintain the flower beds and pots and grow vegetable transplants for the walled garden so the vegetables can be grown here on site and then delivered to the kitchen for the visiting groups. They have maintained their relationship with the walled garden and have helped out with projects. With a much reduced workforce due to the lockdowns they have still continued to develop their work area and are in the process of creating a quiet woodland space. They are creating a larger gravelled area in order to sell plants from and have split kindling and sawn logs throughout the Winter to help keep the fires burning.

They won Northumberland County Council’s Customer Service of The Year Award for their creative response to the pandemic. They celebrated this recently around the bonfire in the youth centre. The annual awards are usually presented at Alnwick Garden but they made the most of the situation and Clive Moon, the service Manager thanked the team for their commitment to the service.

More of the clients are now returning and we hope we can move out of the youth centre in June to return to our base at the Old Laundry. We really look forward to visitors returning.

Karen Hemming

(Assistant Manager)