RE-CO CO Visited Minsteracres

Re-Co Co (Recovery College Collective) arrived on the 22nd June and enjoyed the space as well as the activities that had been planned in advance of them arriving by Liz Holmes & volunteers from Outreach group based here at Minsteracres.

The group participated in art activity in the Peace Garden; Yoga was outdoors on Tuesday evening in the lawn and it was lovely with the sounds of birds tweeting and cows mooing and they felt so energised following this session.

Speaking to the group, they enjoyed the walks round the shrubbery and space, which Minsteracres provides, and one of the leaders hopes to return and go on the walking retreat next month.

Re-Co Co provide a peer led, peer delivered education and support service where people can learn from each other’s insights, skills and lived experience.

One guest said “she loved the trip and cannot wait to share with her husband”. Please click on the link to find out more about us — ReCoCo (