Monastic Music Hours

Monastic Music Hours–the musical rhythm of the monastic office hours, sung as it has been for hundreds of years.

Friday 8th – Sunday 10th March 2024

Suggested donation £250

A weekend immersed in the beauty and serenity of the music of the monastic office hours. Slip into the rhythm of monastic life and let the music give you time for reflection, meditation and prayer. Sung by our scola, with the opportunity to join in singing the psalms, the music of the hours will transport you to a spiritual place while our retreat leader will give us insights into the development of liturgical music and its role in monastic life. From the haunting psalms in the Gregorian modes, through plainsong antiphons, polyphonic Magnificats and sumptuous motets, music has for centuries added an extra spiritual dimension to the rhythm of monastic life. Full Programme Details.

Monastic Music Hours has been created by a team of experienced retreat leaders, musicians and liturgists.

Photo credit: Carol Hartfree

Alison Meardon has a wealth of musical experience encompassing a range of styles, performances and teaching.  From a liturgical perspective, Alison regularly sings and conducts services in all the major medieval cathedrals in England as well as others in Europe including St Mark’s, Venice.  For over two decades Alison was a member of the renowned BBC Symphony Chorus with whom, as well as contributing to the usual musical season concerts, she also featured as a soloist on recordings and in the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

Dominic McGonigal An award-winning composer whose work has been described as “beautiful”, with “confident writing for instruments and voices, great textures and a perfect sense of spacing and pacing.” The quartets In Conversation, Mathilde and Chatelaine were commissioned by Pat Halling of the Quartet Pro Musica, which led to commissions from Philomel, Duo Kottos and other performers and ensembles. Dominic has many decades of experience in liturgical music, as a chorister in a monastery, daily services at King’s College, Cambridge, as director of music in several churches and singing in Brussels Cathedral and on the London pro circuit. More at

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